Hello all,

On my ovirt HC cluster I constantly get the following kinds of errors:

From /var/log/ovirt-engine/engine.log

2020-06-05 10:38:36,652+02 WARN 
(EE-ManagedScheduledExecutorService-engineScheduledThreadPool-Thread-15) [] 
Could not associate brick 'on1.ws.kri.st:/gluster_bricks/vmstore/vmstore' of 
volume 'dab47af2-16fc-461d-956e-daab00c8489e' with correct network as no 
gluster network found in cluster 'a8a38ffe-a499-11ea-9471-00163e5ffe63'

Normally you get these errors if you forgot to define and assign a storage 
network. However I do have a storage network, have assigned it to the interface 
used by gluster on each host, and have set it as the “gluster” network in the 
default cluster.
So why am I still getting this error?


Vriendelijke Groet | Best Regards | Freundliche Grüße | Cordialement
Krist van Besien
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