I re-read the docs on creating VMs.

What is the difference between the Run Once w/ it's pop-up form vs the Initial 
Run with it's embedded form?

If an (updated) doc were to have a sequential workflow for using cloud-init in 
oVirt for a new VM's setup, would it look like this:

* assume cloud-init already installed, ex. Glance image; so SysPre/Cloud-Init 
process already done*

Glance Image Method

1. Import Image + Create Template
2. Create VM (_don't_ use Run; and _don't_ populate Initial Run tab)
3. start VM with Run Once (_not_ Run)
4. fill out Run Once pop-up form
5. VM boots as usual
6. remote Console/shell into VM to verify setting
7. Reboot or Shutdown/Run
8. use cloud-init'd VM like any other non-cloud-init'd VM

That ^ look right?
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