Here is what I did to make my volume

 gluster volume create imgnew2a replica 3 transport tcp

on a host with the old volume I did this

 mount -t glusterfs yy.yy.24.18:/images3/ /mnt/test/      -- Old defective
  974  ls /mnt/test
  975  mount
  976  mkdir /mnt/test1trg
  977  mount -t glusterfs yy.yy.24.24:/imgnew2a /mnt/test1trg   ---- New
  978  mount
  979  ls /mnt/test
  980  cp -a /mnt/test/* /mnt/test1trg/

When I tried to add the storage domain -- I got the errors described
previously about needing to clean out the old domain.

Thank You For Your Help !

On Mon, Jun 22, 2020 at 12:01 AM C Williams <> wrote:

> Thanks Strahil
> I made a new gluster volume using only gluster CLI. Mounted the old volume
> and the new volume. Copied my data from the old volume to the new domain.
> Set the volume options like the old domain via the CLI. Tried to make a new
> storage domain using the paths to the new servers. However, oVirt
> complained that there was already a domain there and that I needed to clean
> it first. .
> What to do ?
> Thank You For Your Help !
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