I want to change the mount options to a Storage Domain that is already in use, 
but got an error from the Ovirt Engine's UI, and the mount point option change 
isn't getting applied.

What I tried:

1. Shutdown all VMs using Disks on Volume 
2. Stopped storage Volume
3. Put storage Domain into Maintenance (so Storage -> Data Center -> select 
Domain -> Maintenance button)
4. Entered mount point options via Storage -> Domain -> select Domain -> 
Managed Domain -> "Mount Options" field 
5. A pop-up in UI had same exact error as a Bug that had been fixed 
6. Confirmed the "Mount Options" field had _actually_ kept my new mount point 
6. Took Domain out of Maintenance
7. Started Volume
8. Checked oVirt Nodes mount point on CLI but my new option isn't listed

Is there a way I can change the mount point options via CLI?  To get around 
this UI Bug ...
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