Hi !

I have 2-node oVirt 4.3 installation, with engine running as KVM guest on SuSE 
file server (not hosted engine).
Nodes are manually installed on CentOS 7.x (further referred as old node #1 and 

I’m going to add 1 additional node, and migrate system to CentOS 8.2 / oVirt 

Is this correct roadmap, or something can be done in a better way? Here is my 

1) Upgrade oVirt Hosted Engine running under KVM / SuSE file server to CentOS 
8.2 / oVirt 4.4.
Or its better to install from scratch new CentOS 8.2/oVirt 4.4 and migrate 

2) Install CentOS 8.2 and oVirt node 4.4 on new server (let’s name it node #3).
3) Migrate virtual machines from old node #1 to the new (#3).
4) Upgrade CentOS on old node #1 to v8.2, and oVirt from web interface. Will 
that work, or upgrade CentOS 7 -> 8 will render this process unmanageable due 
to removal of many components? 
5) Migrate back virtual machines from node #3 to newly upgraded node #1.
6) Repeat step 4 and 5 for old node #2.

I have set of custom shell and python scripts running on engine and nodes, so 
manual installation was a way to go.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion(s)

with best regards
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