I experienced the same error.

There can be two problems :
1.Sometimes the ovirt 4.4 repository does not respond , either because is down 
or the internet connection  to it does not work correctly firewall, routing, 
My solution for this was to clear rpm  packages cache using : "dnf clean all "  
and after do a "dnf update" to get the packages back in cache, to check the 
connections to repository are ok
Then retry the deployment.

2. The disk space might be full and the engine-setup cant download the need 
Multiple failed setip runs on hosted-engine --deploy can fill up the disk 
space. Before rerun delete everything in /var/tmp/ directory.

For issue 1. the ovirt developers team can implememt a  failed_when  retry 
mechanism (maybe max 3 retries ?? ) using ansible task in case of uri package 
update error.

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