На 16 юли 2020 г. 0:41:22 GMT+03:00, Philip  Brown <pbr...@medata.com> написа:
>Are you then saying, that YES, all host nodes need to be able to talk
>to the glusterfs filesystem?
No, but you sounded like you need that.
You can have 'replica 3' and 2 hosts won't have gluster server running (still 
able to mount).

>on a related note, I'd like to have as few nodes actually holding
>glusterfs data as possible, since I want that data on SSD.
>Rather than multiple "replication set" hosts, and one arbiter.. is it
>instead possible to have only 2 replication set hosts, and multiple
>(arbitrariliy many) arbiter nodes?
You need 2 copies of the data, but 'replica 3' is most optimal.

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>Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] Re: mixed hyperconverged?
>You can use   a distributed replicated volume of type 'replica 3
>arbiter 1'.
>For example, NodeA  and NodeB are contain  replica  set 1  with NodeC
>as their arbiter and NodeD and NodeE as the second  replica set  2 
>with NodeC as thir arbiter also.
>In such case you got only 2 copies of a single shard, but you are fully
>"supported" from gluster perspective.
>Also, all  hosts can have an external storage like  your  NAS.
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>Strahil Nikolov
>На 15 юли 2020 г. 21:11:34 GMT+03:00, Philip  Brown <pbr...@medata.com>
>>arg. when I said "add 2 more nodes that arent part of the cluster", I
>>"part of the glusterfs cluster".
>>or at minimum, maybe some kind of client-only setup, if they need
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>>Subject: [ovirt-users] mixed hyperconverged?
>>I'm thinking of doing an SSD based hyperconverged setup (for 4.3), but
>>am wondering about certain design issues.
>>seems like the optimal number is 3 nodes for the glusterfs.
>>but.. I want 5 host nodes, not 3
>>and I want the main storage for VMs to be separate iSCSI NAS boxes.
>>Is it possible to have 3 nodes be the hyperconverged stuff.. but then
>>add in 2 "regular" nodes, that dont store anything and arent part of
>>the cluster?
>>is it required to be part of the gluster cluster, to also be part of
>>the ovirt cluster, if thats where the hosted-engine lives?
>>or can I just have the hosted engine be switchable between the 3
>>and the other 2 be VM-only hosts?
>>Any recommendations here?
>>I dont what 5 way replication going on. Nor do I want to have to pay
>>for large SSDs on all my host nodes.
>>(Im planning to run them with the ovirt 3.4 node image)
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Strahil Nikolov

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