Il lun 20 lug 2020, 23:42 Nir Soffer <> ha scritto:

> I think you will get the best performance using direct LUN.

Is direct LUN using the QEMU iSCSI initiator, or SG_IO, and if so is it
using /dev/sg or has that been fixed? SG_IO is definitely not going to be
the fastest, especially with /dev/sg.

> domain is best if you want
> to use features provided by storage domain. If your important feature
> is performance, you want
> to connect the storage in the most direct way to your VM.

Agreed but you want a virtio-blk device, not SG_IO; direct LUN with SG_IO
is only recommended if you want to do clustering and other stuff that
requires SCSI-level access.


> Mordechai, did we do any similar performance tests in our lab?
> Do you have example results?
> Nir
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