Hello all,

New 4.4.1 hosted-engine install. Pre-deploy, the host already had bond0 and its 
iSCSI interfaces configured. The deploy correctly sets up the ovirtmgmt 
interface using the bond, and when everything finishes up it's working as 
expected.  However, I then need to create a VLAN-based network and attach to 
the same bond0 interface. Editing the host networks and dragging the VLAN 102 
interface to the bond alongside ovirtmgmt, then clicking "OK" results in a 
failure every time. The error returned is:

    VDSM ovirt5.domain.com command HostSetupNetworksVDS failed: Internal 
JSON-RPC error: {'reason': 'Unexpected failure of libnm when running the 
mainloop: run execution'}

I can break the bond and apply this an any other VLAN-based network at will, 
but then it's not possible to add the interface I removed to create the bond 
again. That may be by design and it's not supposed to be possible to attach an 
interface and create a bond once you've already assigned logical networks to 
it. The error there is "Error while executing action HostSetupNetworks: 
Interface already in use".

I'm just putting out feelers to see if this is a known issue that other people 
are hitting, or are other folks with hosted-engine 4.4.x deploys readily 
creating that initial bond0 interface and assigning any VLAN-based logical 
networks they want w/o issue?  These same hosts (they still aren't in prod so I 
rebuild them at will) run 4.3 with no issues and setting up the exact same 
network configurations works flawlessly, it just becomes an issue on 4.4.1. 
This host was freshly installed today and has all updates.

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