On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 2:55 PM Gianluca Cecchi <gianluca.cec...@gmail.com>

> Hello,
> I'm importing a VM into a new oVirt environment that is in 4.3.10: the new
> host is the same as the previous one (only difference it is in 4.3.10 while
> the old one in 4.3.9).
> This VM acted as a single host HCI environment (with 4.3.9). I imported
> the storage domain containing the VM and its disks and the VM boots ok.
> Now its Hosted Engine VM (that is so a nested VM) doesn't start.
> I think it was good when I stopped/detached it... and so I would like to
> cross check and verify if I missed something configuring the new
> environment or something changed from 4.3.9 to 4.3.10
> In vdsm.log I see this reason:
> [snip]

> libvirtError: invalid argument: could not find capabilities for
> arch=x86_64 domaintype=kvm
> The relevant parts of the generated xml in vdsm.log seems:
> [snip]

>     <cpu match="exact">
>         <model>Skylake-Server</model>
>         <feature name="spec-ctrl" policy="require"/>
>         <feature name="ssbd" policy="require"/>
>         <feature name="md-clear" policy="require"/>
>         <topology cores="2" sockets="16" threads="1"/>
>         <numa>
>             <cell cpus="0,1" id="0" memory="16777216"/>
>         </numa>
>     </cpu>
>     <cputune/>
> ...
>     </metadata>
> <on_poweroff>destroy</on_poweroff><on_reboot>destroy</on_reboot><on_crash>destroy</on_crash></domain>
> (vm:2890)
> Any insights?
> The configuration of the new 4.3.10 physical oVirt environment that
> contains the VM has this cluster cpu type:
> Intel Skylake Server IBRS SSBD MDS Family
> Do I have to change it to anything else? I don't remember how it was set
> in 4.3.9
> Thanks in advance,
> Gianluca
It seems that the process of:
put storage domain into maintenance mode
detach storage domain
import storage domain
import virtual machine

didn't preserve the "Pass-Through Host CPU" option that was set for the
original VM... is this expected?
Anyway also setting host cpu passthrough it seems I have the same problem

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