I honestly don't know, because I have not tried myself, so you might just want 
to stop reading right here.

But from what I understand about the design philosophy of oVirt, it should be 
ok to change it, while nobody probably ever tested it and everybody would tell 
you it's a bad idea to do so, unless you're willing to rebuild from scratch.

The reason it *should* be ok is that the nodes don't care about the management 
They care only about the information on the shared cluster storage.
How that gets there, who changes it: They couldn't care less.

Yet, I believe I have seen events being reported back to the management engine 
via REST API calls, referring to the management engine via URIs that should 
have been using FQDN only. So there is some biliateral communication going on, 
mostly asynchronous as far as I can see and not using IPs.

What I can tell you, is that /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 has 
NM_CONTROLLED=no inside, so nmtui won't go near it. You can change that, delete 
the line, edit the config... and hopefully it will live.

And in case things go seriously wrong, you should be able to fix it with 
hosted-engine --console

But, again, I never tried it myself.

But I use DHCP on two out of four farms...
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