Just looking at the release notes, using anything 'older' in the case of 4.4 
seems very rough going... 

Testing 4.4 was actually how I got into the nesting domain this time around, 
because I didn't have physical hardware left for another HCI cluster.

Testing of oVirt 4.4 on top of oVirt 4.3 including migration scenarios is 
probably the most sensible use of nesting overall....

Alas I had similarly bad luck during my first evaluation of oVirt about a year 
(or two?) ago, when I tried nesting oVirt on top of a big windows workstation 
with VMware Workstation: Everything seemed to work just fine, but nested VMs 
just stopped right at boot, without any error, but also no progress.

I had a vSphere cluster run no problem on that setup...
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