Hi oVirt land

Hope you are well. Got a bit of an issue, actually a big issue. We had some
sort of dip of some sort. All the VM's is still running, but some of the
hosts is show "Unassigned" or "NonResponsive". So all the hosts was showing
UP and was fine before our dip. So I did increase  vdsHeartbeatInSecond to
240, no luck.

I still get a timeout on the engine lock even thou I can connect to that
host from the engine using nc to test to port 54321. I also did restart
vdsmd and also rebooted the host with no luck.

 nc -v someserver 54321
Ncat: Version 7.50 ( https://nmap.org/ncat )
Ncat: Connected to

2020-08-05 20:20:34,256+02 ERROR
(EE-ManagedThreadFactory-engineScheduled-Thread-70) [] EVENT_ID:
VDS_BROKER_COMMAND_FAILURE(10,802), VDSM someserver command Get Host
Capabilities failed: Message timeout which can be caused by communication

Any troubleshoot ideas will be gladly appreciated.


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