This 'RaidExpert2' sounds like FakeRaid... Run away as soon as possible.
Either use HW Raid with a Raid Controller or Software Raid (mdadm/lvm).

Best Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 5 август 2020 г. 8:11:29 GMT+03:00, Lao Dh <> написа:
>Thank you Strahil and Gianluca,I am using oVirt Node 4.4.1.I just
>review the Document in the official website. It WARN not to change the
>format type. Some partitions must be set to LVM thin and
>Standard.Confirm changing the partition size has no problem.At last. I
>use the onboard AMD RaidXpert2 to form the RAID1. Although AMD said
>RaidXpert2 can support up to Red Hat 7.3 only.  
>2020年8月4日火曜日 0:21:31 GMT+8、Gianluca Cecchi
>On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 6:00 PM Strahil Nikolov <>
>Are  you using the  oVirt node  ?
>If you use  custom setup,  you need to have the same partitions/LVs
>that  are used  by default .
>Can you give a screenshot of the installer?
>Best Regards,
>Strahil Nikolov
>In my case it was indeed with the ovirt-node-ng iso, not tested in
>other way.In 4.3 you were able, also with the iso of the ovirt-node-ng,
>to create different size partitions customizing the setup page (eg if
>you have gluster and want bigger /var than the default...).So in my
>opinion is a sort of regression...
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