Il giorno ven 7 ago 2020 alle ore 12:59 Roberto Nunin <>
ha scritto:

> Hi all
> I have an issue while trying to deploy hyperconverged solution on three
> ovirt node boxes.
> ISO used is ovirt-node-ng-installer-4.4.1-2020072310.el8.iso.
> When from cockpit I choose gluster deployment, I have a form where I can
> insert both gluster fqdn names and public fqdn names (that is what I need,
> due to distinct network cards & networks)
> If I insert right names, that are resolved by nodes, I receive, anyway,
> FQDN is not reachable below Host1 entries.
> As already stated, these names are certainly resolved by DNS used.
> Any hints about ?
Using ovirt-node-ng-installer-4.4.2-2020080612.el8.iso (4.4.2 RC2) the same
issue do not happen.

Roberto Nunin
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