Hey Eyal,

thanks for the explanation. I really would not have guessed that.
Works like a charm, thank you very much!


On 12/08/2020 08:06, Eyal Shenitzky wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> Once you take a snapshot you can preview it by pressing the
> *preview* button, as you said it will take you back to 
> the point in time when the snapshot was created.
> Once you are in a '*preview*' mode you have two options - 
>   * *commit* - means that you want to go back to that state of the VM,
>     it will cause all the data and snapshots that were taken after that
>     point in time to be removed.
>   * *undo *- means that you don't want to go back to that point in time
>     of the VM, so the VM will return to his latest state. 

with kind regards,
mit freundlichen Gruessen,

Christian Reiss

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