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> hello everyone,
> I apologize for asking what is probably a very basic question.
> i have 4 hosts running on the ovirt-engine, but on the last week the alert 
> show all the hosts status has gone to non responsive like the following 
> statement
> Host 1 became non responsive. It has no power management configured. Please 
> check the host status, manually reboot it, and click "Confirm Host Has Been 
> Rebooted"
> all the storage, vm, cannot detect on the ovirt-engine, does anyone face this 
> before?
> and also the alert also show ""Engine's certification has expired at 
> 2020-08-18. Please renew the engine's certification""
> is it related to the hosts become non-responsive???

Might be, can't tell.

What happens if you try to Activate them?

Please check/share /var/log/ovirt-engine/engine.log. Search there for
"nonresponsive" (case insensitive) and ' ERROR '.

> i have already regenerate the ovirt-engine cert from the previous post:
> https://lists.ovirt.org/archives/list/users@ovirt.org/thread/ZI5WNU6OB6FZMQNWAG5E4J2VGNDWMABZ/

In principle you should have ran 'engine-setup', and it should have
noticed and renewed it for you.
If you do not want it to also upgrade, you can pass also '--offline'.

What you have done, though, seems ok to me.

What version is this? When was it set up?

If it's indeed 5+ years old, then probably all certs have indeed expired.

You can try to 'Reinstall' the hosts, or 'Enroll Certificates'.

This will require stopping all VMs on them.

Good luck and best regards,
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