I think I already checked that.
What I meant (since beginning) was that ovirt is reporting memory usage in GUI 
same way regardless of CentOS or SLES in our case.
My main question is why ovirt is reporting memory usage percentage based on 
"free" memory but not actually based on "available memory", which is basically 
sum of "free" and "buff/cache". 
Buffer/Cache is a temporary memory and that's anyhow gets released for new 
processes and applications. 
That means that, ovirt should actually consider the actual available memory 
left and report usage accordingly in GUI but what we see now is different 
I was very worried when I saw the memory usage as 98% and highlighted in red 
for many of VMs in GUI. But, when I checked the actual used memory by VM, it's 
always below 50%.

Could you clarify how can this behavior from ovirt be OS specific?

I hope I explained the issue clearly or let me know if it is still unclear.
Thanks in advance.

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