today I started one not so common operation and I would like to share my
(not so good) experience.

I have 4 old Opteron G3 hosts which creates 1 DC with 1 cluster with 4.2
compatibility. Then I got 2 newer Intel based hosts which creates
separate DC and cluster. I use one shared FC storage with few LUNs for
all the stuff. Intel cluster is selfhosted with oVirt 4.4.2 where I
migrated original standalone oVirt 4.3.10 manager.

So I have 2 DCs, one with 4.2 and one with 4.4 compatibility.

Now the funny part... I had 2 LUNs connected to old 4.2 DC. My intention
was detach one of them and attach it to the new DC.

first pain was that some of vms had ther disks on both LUNs. It is
indicated late in the process and without hint which vms they are. So I
had to activate LUN in old DC and tried to find that vms (search string
in vms tab "Storage = one and Storage = two" seems not working). Ok, it
took two or three rounds... then, also late in the process there was
problem that one vm had previewed snapshot so another round with
activation of LUN in old DC... Then I was able detach and import LUN to
new DC. Nice, but with warning that LUN has 4.2 compatibility which will
be converted to 4.4 and there is no way back to connect it to old DC...
It is logical but very scary if something went wrong... but it did not
in my case :-)

LUN is connected in new DC. Now I had to import vms. Most vms were
imported ok but two of them were based on template wich resides on other
LUN. It was not indicated during detaching! It looks like I cannot move
template from storage to storage other way than through Export storage
(which I don't have at this moment) or through OVA export for which I
have not enough free storage space on hosts. Its a trap! :-) Btw. there
is no check for free space while starting export to OVA (template uses
preallocated disk). Exporting task still runs but there is no free space
at the host... and probably no way to cancel it from manager :-(

Ok, I had most of the vms imported. Last really strange thing is that I
lost one vm during import. It is not listed in VirtualMachines nor in VM
import tab on starage nor in Disk tab... that vm was an Aruba migration
tool and was imported from OVN image.

In fact there are two disks in Disk import tab, one of them has no
Alias/description and was created today around time I started work on
this migration. The second one has alias "vmdisk1" and is few months
older but I have no idea if it is the lost vm...

Sorry for long story, TL;DR version could be: There are glitches in some
(not so common) workflows...



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