Hello all,

I'm thinking about converting a couple of old dual Xeon V2
workstations into (yet another) oVirt setup.
However, the use case for this cluster is somewhat different:
While I do want most of the VMs to be highly available (Via 2+1 GFS
storage domain), I'd also want pin at least one "desktop" VM to each
host (possibly with vGPU) and let this VM access the local storage
directly in-order to get near bare metal performance.

Now, I am aware that I can simply share an LVM LV over NFS / localhost
and pin a specific VM to each specific host, and the performance will
be acceptable, I seem to remember that there's a POSIX-FS storage
domain that at least in theory should be able to give me per-host
private storage.

A. Am I barking at the wrong tree here? Is this setup even possible?
B. If it is even possible, any documentation / pointers on setting up
per-host private storage?

I should mention that these workstations are quite beefy (64-128GB
RAM, large MDRAID, SSD, etc) so I can spare memory / storage space (I
can even split the local storage and GFS to different arrays).

- Gilboa
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