I'm quite new to oVirt, so my apologizies if I'm asking something dead obvious:
I noticed that there is an item in the 'General Tab' of each VM, which says 
'Guest OS Memory Free/Cached/Buffered' and on all my VM's it says 'Not 
Configured'. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to enable this feature. I 
assume that this gives me the equivalent output of executing 'free' on the 
shell on a Linux guest. 

Googling and digging around the VMM guide did not give me any pointers so far. 

Thanks in advance,

PS: A little background info: I have one 'client' which keeps nagging me to 
increase the RAM on his VM because it's constantly operating at 95% memory load 
(as shown on the VM dashboard). After a quick investigation with 'free' I could 
see that Linux has built up the disk cache to 12G (from 16G total, no swapping 
occured). My intention is to make the real memory load visible to him, as he 
has already access to the VM portal for shutdown/restart/etc.
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