This is a weird issue.
Before upgrading it took 8-9 seconds to retrieve all VM's, 1230, using 
/ovirt-engine/api/vms URI. After the upgrade it now takes over 2 minutes.
Query other items such as hosts, clusters, data centers etc is fast and the 
same speed as prior the upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3
I don't know if this is DB related or jboss related but any clue where to start 
to dig deeper is welcome.
I also built a new VM and restored the DB's and ran engine-setup, but that new 
engine also gets more or less exactly the same response times for the VM's 
using the restAPI.

I have another engine with same version, That only have 261 VMs but 
those are retrieved within 1-2 seconds only so I don't understand how that 
engine is so much faster than the one I upgraded.
The UI also has the same long response times to show VM's from Compute -> 
Virtual Machines

Any idea what could cause this?
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