On Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 8:02 PM Diggy Mc <d...@bornfree.org> wrote:
> I have oVirt Node v4.4.8.3 running on several HP ProLiant Gen8 servers.  I 
> receive the following error under certain circumstances:
> "An Unrecoverable System Error (NMI) has occurred (iLO application watchdog 
> timeout NMI, Service Information: 0x0000002B, 0x00000000)"
> When a host starts taking a load (but nowhere near a threshold), I encounter 
> the above iLO-logged error and the host locks-up.  I have had to grossly 
> under-utilize my hosts to avoid this problem.  I'm hoping for a better fix or 
> work-around.
> I've had the same problem beginning with my oVirt 4.3.x hosts, so it isn't 
> oVirt version specific.
> The little information I could find on the error wasn't helpful.  Red Hat 
> acknowledges the issue, but limited to shutdown/reboot operations; not during 
> "normal" operations.
> Anyone else experienced this problem?  How did you fix it or work around it?  
> I'd like to better utilize my servers if possible.
> In advance, thank you to anyone and everyone who offers help.

Are you sure it's related to oVirt at all? To Linux?
Did you check the hardware? Contact your hardware support? Perhaps check
some on-board diagnostics/logs/whatever?

Good luck and best regards,
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