I'm seeking help with my issue related to display the ovirt UI Web Admin Screen 
on my server.  I'm very puzzled by this because I can display the UI on a 
remote machine with no issue.  I install ovirt on my server remotely connected 
to the server via ssh, I had no issues performing the install.  As I said 
earlier I'm able to bring up the Admin UI remotely on the same machine that was 
connected remotely.  

What really puzzle me is that,  I'm able to bring up the UI remotely but not on 
the server console.  They both are using the same release RHEL 8 and Firefox.  
When I try to bring up the UI on the server console I get the following 

404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, 
or is temporarily unavailable.

I confirmed that all of the installed files are stored on the server, where 
should I start looking?  

My Server has four/4 network adapters installed with different IP addresses 
assigned.  My DNS has the domain entered for each network adapter all pointing 
to the same server.  My DNS entry for ovirt is "AAAABBBB.1234.net" specified 
four/4 time with a different IP address for each network adapter.

Does the install of ovirt latch to a specific network adapter and IP Address?

Could this be a permission issue on the server?  I'm using the same account and 
UID on both server and workstation.

What ever it might how do I start the debugging process to create a solution? 

I'm very new to ovirt and Linux so I'm trying to learn. 


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