On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 5:41 PM Pascal D <pas...@butterflyit.com> wrote:
> One issue I have with hosted-engine is that when something goes wrong it has 
> a domino effect because hosted-engine cannot communicate with its database.  
> I have been thinking to host ovirt engine separately on a different 
> hypervisor and have all my host undeployed. However for efficiency my 
> networks are separated by their functions. So my questions are as follow
> 1) is it a good idea to host the engine on a separate kvm

It is, for certain cases.

> 2) what network does this engine need to access. Obviously ovirtmgmt, and 
> display to access it but what about storage. Does it need access to itor can 
> it access it through ovirtmgmt and the SPM?

The engine does not need access to the storage network. It does all
storage operations through hosts.

> 3) Is there a recipe or howto available to follow

This was discussed several times on this list, also recently - please
check archives.

Some people claimed they had bad results using the search function on
the website. You can also use your favourite search engine - most
allow e.g. 'site:lists.ovirt.org something'.

Good luck and best regards,
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