Many thanks to:
- Jöran Malek
- Diego Ercolani
- Tomáš Golembiovský

For having joined today's test day and reporting their findings.

And to:
- Benny Zlotnik
- Alfredo Moralejo Alonso
- Yedidyah Bar David

For having assisted looking into reported issues.

Today test day resulted with the opening / hitting the following bugs:
Bug 2065287 <> - text
installation doesn't set correctly the keymap
Not reported: Node installation with Radeon HD 4350

Bug 2065068 <> - Too
large subtable console errors in engine admin portal
Bug 2065195 <> - ETL
service sampling has encountered an error
Bug 2065294 <> - ceph
support via cinderlib is failing due to too old python-psycopg2
Bug 2065152 <> - Implicit
CPU pinning for NUMA VMs destroyed because of invalid CPU policy
Bug 2063112 <> - imgbased
fails to handle grub config on CentOS Stream 9

oVirt Website / Docs:
Add oVirt Node 4.5-pre section #2787
drop Language Support configuration option from node instructions #2790
wrong link to host requirements #2786
oVirt lifecycle points to RHV lifecycle #2785
missing variable substitution on install guide #2784
Table of content has wrong tree rooted on "oVirt Key Components" #2783

The dedicated test day is reaching its end but it doesn't mean you can't
continue the testing.
As a result of today, I think we can say this alpha release has a very high
quality level (except for ceph storage issue which should be already solved


Sandro Bonazzola
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