I have an oVirt 4.4.10 cluster that is working fine. All storage is on NFS. I 
would like to change the mount point for the hosted_storage domain from 
localhost:/... to <IP>/... This will be the same physical volume, all I want to 
do is not run my NFS mounts through my local hosts but instead mount directly 
from the NFS server.

  I have used the "hosted-engine --set-shared-config storage" command to change 
the mount point for the storage. Looking at the hosted-engine.conf file 
confirms that the new path is set correctly. When I look at the storage inside 
the hosted-engine, however, it still shows the old value. How can I get the 
cluster to use the new path instead of the old path? I changed it both using 
he_local and he_shared keys. Thanks!

Tod Pike
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