We're encountering some issues on one of our production clusters running oVirt 
4.2. We've had an incident with the engine's database a few weeks back that we 
were able to recover from, however since then we've been having a bunch of 
weird issues, mostly around MACs. 

It started off with the engine being unable to find a free MAC when creating a 
VM, despite there being significantly less virtual interfaces (around 250) than 
the total number of MACs in the default pool (default configuration, so 65536 
addresses) and escalated into creating duplicate MACs (despite the pool not 
allowing it) and now we can't even modify the pool or remove VMs (since 
deleting the attached vnics fail), so we're kinda stuck with a cluster that has 
running VMs which are fine as long as we don't touch them, but on which we 
can't create new VMs (or modify the existing ones).

In the engine's log we can see that we've had an "Unable to initialize MAC pool 
due to existing duplicates (Failed with error MAC_POOL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED 
and code 5010)" error when we tried to reconfigure the pool this morning (see 
the full error stack here : https://pastebin.com/6bKMfbLn) and now whenever we 
try to delete a VM or reconfigure the pool we have a 'Pool for 
id="58ca604b-017d-0374-0220-00000000014e" does not exist' error (see the full 
error stack here: https://pastebin.com/Huy91iig), but, if we check the engine's 
mac_pool table we can see that it's there :

engine=# select * from mac_pools;
                  id                  |  name   |   description    | 
allow_duplicate_mac_addresses | default_pool
 58ca604b-017d-0374-0220-00000000014e | Default | Default MAC pool | f          
                   | t
(1 row)

engine=# select * from mac_pool_ranges;
             mac_pool_id              |     from_mac      |      to_mac
 58ca604b-017d-0374-0220-00000000014e | 56:6f:1a:1a:00:00 | 56:6f:1a:1a:ff:ff
(1 row)

I found this bugzilla that seems to somehow apply 
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1554180 however I don't really know 
how to "reinitialize engine", especially considering that the mac pool was not 
configured to allow duplicate macs to begin with, and I've no idea what the 
impact of that reinitialization would be on the current VMs.

I'm quite new to oVirt (only been using it for one year) so any help would be 
greatly appreciated.
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