I have a fresh Ovirt installation ( engine and oVirt Node 4.4.10) on a Dell VRTX chassis. There are 3 blades, two of them are identical hardware (PowerEdge M630) and the third is a little newer (PowerEdge M640). The third has different CPUs, more RAM, and slower NICs. I also have a bunch of data domains some on the shared PERC internal storage and others on an external iSCSI storage, all seems configured correctly and all the hosts are operational.

I can migrate a VM back and forth from the first two blades without any problem, I can migrate a VM to the third blade but when I migrate a VM from the third blade to any of the other two the task terminate successfully, the VM is marked as up on the target host but the VM hangs, the console is frozen and the VM stops to respond to ping.

I have no clues about why this is happening and I'm looking for suggestions about how to debug and hopefully fix this issue.

Thanks in advance

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