we are designing a new production cluster, and I have to questsions about 
GlusterFS please:
1- this quote from the documentation os not clear to me "       
Creating additional data domains in the same data center as the self-hosted 
engine storage domain is highly recommended. If you deploy the self-hosted 
engine in a data center with only one active data storage domain, and that 
storage domain is corrupted, you will not be able to add new storage domains or 
remove the corrupted storage domain; you will have to redeploy the self-hosted 
engine." Does this mean that we should have more than one "Data" domain? or 
here this paragraph is talking about sharing a single domain for both the 
hosted-engine and VMs?
2- the documentation mentioned that Replica 1 or Replica 3 are only supported, 
but is this only for the hosted-engine volume? or also for Data volumes? so the 
max is only 3? and waht if I wanted to expand capacity later?

Thank you,
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