Thanks a lot for your answer. The thing is, we had data lose disaster last 
month, and that's why we've decided to deploy a cmmpletely new environment for 
taht pirpose, and let me tell you what happened. We are using Ovirt 4.1 with 
Gluster 3.8 for our production, and the cluster contains five hosts, three of 
them are storage servers. I've added two more hosts, and manually via CLI (as I 
couldn't do this via GUI) created a new brick on one of the newely added 
nodes,and expanded the volume with the parameter "replica = 4  as it was 
refused to expand without setting the replica count. The action was successful 
for both the engine vol, and the data vol, however, few minutes later we've 
found that the disk sizes (images) of the existing VMs got shrunk and lost all 
of the data, and we had to recover from backup.. We can't afford another 
downtime (another disaster I mean), that's why I'm so maticulous about what to 
do next, so, is there a good guide around for the architecure and sizing?

Thank you,
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