Il giorno lun 11 apr 2022 alle ore 13:40 Marco Aiello <> ha scritto:

> Hi Sandro,
> Do you have any advise on this issue?  It is very critical for our
> research activity  since all our VMs suddenly became unavailable :-(

You didn't mention but from provided info I guess you're running
hyperconverged self hosted engine right?
Did you check glusterfs storage status? I'm not a glusterfs expert but
something like `gluster volume status all` should work.
If you're not running hyperconverged, can you share a sosreport from one of
the hosts? Please check the content of the report before submitting to
ensure it doesn't contain sensitive information data.


Sandro Bonazzola


Red Hat EMEA <>

*Red Hat respects your work life balance. Therefore there is no need to
answer this email out of your office hours.*
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