Hello, Team!
I need help.

I have cluster with 3 nodes oVirt 4.4.10 and common ISCSI storage, i have 
hosted engine installed on it.

I wont change legacy to ovs switch mode, using instruction below:
- Install first host and VM using "hosted-engine --deploy"
- In the Engine UI, change Cluster switch type from Legacy to OVS
- Shutdown the engine VM and stop vdsmd on the host.
- Manually change the switch type to ovs in 
- Restart the host

After this changing my hosted engine don't wont start, it says i have a problem 
with vnet interface, i don't know virtmanager or i don't know vnetuser. When i 
had return back settings from ovs to legacy mode, hosted engine start without 
any problem 

When i had change file  /var/lib/vdsm/persistence/netconf/nets/ovirtmgmt on 
hosts without hosted engine, they are change network mode and start working as 
ovs switch mode but they say network out of sync. I tryed to migrate hosted 
engine from host with legacy switch to host with ovs switch hosted engine don't 
wont migrate.

Could you help me please.
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