Hi all,
my proposals:

1.  How often do you log in as an admin to VM Portal? (choose one)
- almost never
- less often then to Web Admin
- as often as to Web Admin
- more often than to Web Admin
2.  When logged in as an admin to VM Portal - what kind of activities
do you perform? (choose all that apply)
- verify reported user problems
- verify if it works
- typical user tasks
- admin tasks
3.  Have you encountered cases when a regular user had to be given
admin rights to unblock his daily work? (specify cases if any)
4.  Which user settings in VM Portal are in use in your installation?
(choose all that apply)
- language
- refresh interval
- do not disturb
-  preferred console type
- connect automatically (with a console to a VM)
-  fullscreen (for any console)
- Ctrl+Alt+Del mapping (VNC or SPICE)
- smartcard (SPICE)
- SSH  key (Serial Console)
5. What console type do you use for Windows VMs? (choose all that apply)
- Native SPICE
- Native VNC
- Browser VNC (noVNC)
- Serial
- other (specify)
6. What console type do you use for non-Windows VMs? (choose all that apply)
- Native SPICE
- Native VNC
- Browser VNC (noVNC)
- Serial
- other (specify)
7. Console usage patterns in your installation (choose all that apply)
- user is free to choose console according to personal preference
- choice is dictated by the client OS (i.e. thin client, Mac, etc)
- user choice is altered by system-wide config (i.e. ClientModeConsoleDefault)
- user choice is restricted by removing consoles via VM config
- user choice is restricted (outside of oVirt)  by blocking access
(i.e. on firewall)

best regards,
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