Thank you for fast response. 

In the mean time I have discovered what was the problem in my case.

The problem was that export domain and data domain from oVirt 4.3 had OVF where 
<InstanceID> tag is used (ID caps letters) instead of expected <InstanceId>.

oVirt 4.4 expected  <InstanceId> tag which wasn't used in this case so the 
engine assumed that OVF files were corrupted.

Fix for me was simple on Export Domain I swapped InstanceID with InstanceId. 
bash# for i in `find . -name "*.ovf"` ; do sudo sed -i 
's/InstanceID/InstanceId/g' $i ; done ;

But I could not fix datadomain since I didn't want to dive into OVF_STORE disk. 
I am guessing that there is a tool for editing OVF_STORE disks whit out 
damaging the domain?! 

Regards Uros

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