I am around to install new ovirt 4.4 host on RockyLinux8 based server. I just install

yum install http://mirror.slu.cz/ovirt/yum-repo/ovirt-release44.rpm

but when I search for (for example) qemu-kvm package

yum info qemu-kvm

I can see only qemu-kvm-6.2.0-11.module+el8.6.0+847+b490afdd from appstream (RockyLinux slips to 8.6).

It looks like ovirt-4.4-centos-advanced-virtualization repo does not have qemu-kvm at all

yum list | grep ovirt-4.4-centos-advanced-virtualization

Shoud I try to install new host from manager and hope or should I do some magic before?

Thanks in advance,


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