Tomas, thank you for your input.

I am creating the template from a new Ubuntu VM that I have created.  I have 
noted that generally my centos/rocky VMs can be created from VMs without issue. 
 It has only been Ubuntu that is giving me grief.  That being said, I only have 
one Ubuntu VM in my environment that needs to be made into a template.  Fix the 
template or recreate it makes no difference to me.  As long as the template is 
usable that's all that matters.  

I have block storage, not NFS.  You mention needing to prepare the disk images 
first... how?  In my experience I didn't need to do that for any centos VMs.  I 
just clicked make template in GUI, selected QCOW image type and seal VM option. 
 In a few minutes everything was done and I could use the new template.
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