It looks like I've run into this now:

It looks like a permanent fix was put in place in 4.5.

Should I consider just bumping up to 4.5 instead of trying to reinstall
4.4?  Will I be able to recover my cluster from the engine backup?

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On Mon, Jun 13, 2022 at 1:49 AM David Johnson <>

> This came in just as the engine came up.
> The final pieces of the puzzle were:
> The database@server notation expressed in the logs is cool, but
> is not how it is expressed to actually connect. That threw up a red herring.
> I had to create all of the postgres users
> Postgres ident authentication requires an ident server such as oidentd. It
> used to be installed by default, but must be installed after the fact by
> the system admin now.
> Your guess about a not-clean system is not too far off.  Just before this
> email came in I hit a snag with the CA and key generation. I ran
> engine-cleanup, then ran engine-setup again, and now the non-UI functions
> of the engine are (apparently) back up.
> Now the engine is running, but the web gui is throwing 500 errors.
> Internet cut out so I'll get back to it in the morning.
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