Hi All,

I have 2 oVirt 3 node Clusters in 2 Datacenters - effectively 2 independent 
environements with stretched VLANs for DR purposes.

Each volume is geo replicated to the other datacenter. Each volume is a 
separate Storage Domain.
In a DR event the geo-replicated volumes/Storage Domains are imported in the 
other Datacenter and the VMs imported once it's attached.

The issue I am seeing is that some of the VMs are not listed when I click 'VM 
Import' from the imported Storage Domain. The disks for those missing VMs 
however, do exist in 'Disk Import' Tab of the imported Storage Domain.
Prior to importing the Storage Domain in Site B, all VM disks were migrated to 
a single Storage Domain in Site A and geo-replication allowed to sync.

Kind Regards

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