On Fri, Jun 24, 2022 at 4:38 PM David M. Hornsby <dmhorn...@mueller1875.com>

> I have done this before quite a few times. What I did was:
>    1. Export the qcow2 or raw file and convert it: qemu-img convert -f
>    qcow2 -O vmdk
>    2. Import the vmdk into vsphere storage and convert it to thin with
>    vmkfstools
>    3. Then create the vm definition.
>    4. There will be some minor driver and ethernet type stuff to fix.
> This process has worked everytime. You probably could use a tool like virt
> v2v or veeam to accomplish this as well.
> David
Thanks David, I didn't see your e-mail while I was writing my answer.
I confirm I went a similar way (but passing anyway from OVA and then
extracting the disk...)

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