i tried to find way how to cancel hanged export task. I found that there should 
be some hidden possibility, but it is still not released and i cannot find how 
to allow it.

i found how to remove this task directly from pg database on engine, but i am 
not sure if this also will unlock that VM. 

i cannot kill it by qemu-img process, because this process is not running.

stucked VM is ubuntu 20.04  with 3 disks 20 + 80 + 300GB .   Already running 
more than 12 hours and still did not start making ova file (checking in export 
folder) . qemu-img process on the host is missing . 

i tried to export smaller VM 7GB and it was successfully done by 2 minutes. 
During export qemu-img process was running on the host.

Thank you for any help. 
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