Hi Jonas,

Thank you very much, this seems to fix the issue.

Best regards.


El 21/09/2022 a las 21:39, Jonas escribió:

Maybe you have the same issue as I did: https://lists.ovirt.org/archives/list/users@ovirt.org/thread/PCYIQTY457LEX44NCTGH4LKM4DN6J4EJ/

The solution is to login to the engine VM and downrade the package ansible-core after the package update step:

dnf downgrade -y ansible-core-2.12.3-1.el8.x86_64

On 9/21/22 17:05, Pablo Olivera wrote:
Sorry for the short description of the issue.
Here are some more logs from the hosted engine.


El 21/09/2022 a las 16:31, Yedidyah Bar David escribió:
On Wed, Sep 21, 2022 at 5:21 PM Pablo Olivera <p.oliv...@telfy.com> wrote:
Hi community,

I'm trying to deploy the engine via CLI on an ovirt 4.5.2 (CentOS 8)
node over a clean install.
Previously I was trying to deploy it via cockpit but I got the following

[ INFO ] TASK [ovirt.ovirt.hosted_engine_setup : Obtain SSO token using
username/password credentials]
[ ERROR ] ovirtsdk4.AuthError: Error during SSO authentication
access_denied : Cannot authenticate user Invalid user credentials.
[ ERROR ] fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"attempts": 50, "changed":
false, "msg": "Error during SSO authentication access_denied : Cannot
authenticate user Invalid user credentials."}

After researching in different threads of this forum, I decided to setup
it via CLI by recommendation of different users, since it seems that
cockpit hosted-engine deployment is broken.
Indeed. Sorry for that.

I attach the hosted-engine setup log but I am not sure where is the
problem now.
It's here, apparently:

2022-09-21 14:30:50,466+0200 ERROR
ansible_utils._process_output:113 fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! =>
{"changed": false, "msg": "Host is not up, please check logs, perhaps
also on the engine machine"}

Can you help me?
As the message says, please check/share relevant logs.

Good luck and best regards,

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