On Mon, Oct 3, 2022 at 4:11 PM Proniakin Marcin <marcin.pronia...@grupawp.pl>

> Hello,
> After upgrading ovirt to version 4.5.2, I've experienced issue with using
> import function in import disk window in storage domain after attaching it
> to data center. Logs in the attachment (#1).
> Second issue is with uploading disks from storage domain window.
> Using example from attachment (#2):
> When choosing to upload disk to domain portal-1 from upload function in
> the storage domain disk window, ovirt chooses wrong data-center dev-1
> (dev-1 datacenter has domain dev-1, portal-1 datacenter has domain
> portal-1) and wrong host to upload. Accepting this upload always fails.
> When choosing to upload disk from storage -> disks window works fine.
> Issues confirmed on two independent ovirt servers (both with version
> 4.5.2).

Please report an issue in

ovirt 4.5.2 introduced the ovirt-img tool - you can use it to upload images
from the command line instead of the UI. This is much faster, more reliable,
and support many features like format on the fly format conversion.

Example usage:

    ovirt-img upload-disk --engine-url https://example.com \
        --username username \
        --password-file /path/to/password-file \
        --cafile ca.pem \
        --storage-domain mydomain \

See ovirt-im upload-disk --help for more options.

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