Milan thanks for the info, I suspected as much.

Yes it's a Windows 11 VM, so TPM is locked in the on position while Windows 11 
OS selected.

I'll keep an eye on the bug and see if I can work around it for now.

I suspect it will be problem if using the TPM for something like bitlocker, 
potentially losing the TPM data will mean having to enter the decryption key 
manually at boot and re-provision the TPM on restore.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply and filing a bug.


-----Original Message-----
From: Milan Zamazal <> 
Sent: 05 October 2022 11:05
To: Christopher Law <>
Subject: Re: Export to Data Domain (with TPM)

Christopher Law <> writes:

> Anyone explain why I can't export a Virtual Machine with a TPM? Is 
> this something to do with the TPM data? I'm exporting the VM to some 
> cold storage. What's the deal here how can I export it and keep the 
> TPM data or do I have to disable TPM on it first?
> oVirt Error message when trying to export a VM to a Data Domain that has a 
> TPM.
> Export VM Failed
> Cannot add VM. TPM device is required by the guest OS


it is a Windows VM, right?  It is a bug, I filed .  The export should work.

A workaround could be temporarily switching the VM operating system in the VM 
properties to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 before exporting but I'm not sure it 
won't change some other VM properties, be careful if you attempt it.

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