Hello fellow users, I'm having trouble sending up a brand new cluster using
Equinix Metal. The three servers are their "n3.xlarge.x86" model, which
uses an Intel Xeon Gold 6314U CPU in a Supermicro SSG-110P-NTR10-EI018

The entire Hyperconverged installation process appears to complete without
error, but when I log into the manager only one host is listed and only
that host's Gluster brick appears in the UI. The only hint of a problem in
the UI is in the Tasks pane: two failed tasks to add the other hosts.

Where do I get started troubleshooting?

Calvin Ellison

Systems Architect


+1 (213) 285-0555


<https://www.facebook.com/VOXOX/> <https://www.instagram.com/voxoxofficial/>

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