I am trying to install ovirt 4.5 on a 4-host cluster running Centos Stream 8, 
but the engine does not start and the whole process fails.

Here is my procedure

dnf install centos-release-ovirt45
dnf module reset virt
dnf module enable virt:rhel
dnf install ovirt-engine-appliance
dnf install  ovirt-hosted-engine-setup

The latest version of ansible [ansible-core 2.13] uses python3.9 and the 
installation fails because some python3.9 modules are missing 
[python39-netaddr, python39-jmespath] and cannot be installed [conflict 
python3-jmespath]. So I downgraded ansible to ansible-core 2.12

dnf downgrade ansible-core


hosted-engine-setup --deploy --4

goes proceed further but stops because it cannot start the engine

[ INFO  ] TASK [ovirt.ovirt.hosted_engine_setup : Wait for the host to be up]   
[ INFO  ] TASK [ovirt.ovirt.hosted_engine_setup : Notify the user about a 
[ ERROR ] fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Host is not 
up, please check logs, perhaps also on the engine machine"}

I looked into the log file
and I found the following error:

2022-10-07 13:28:30,881+0200 ERROR ansible failed {
    "ansible_host": "localhost",
    "ansible_result": {
        "_ansible_no_log": false,
        "changed": false,
        "cmd": [
        "delta": "0:00:00.039258",
        "end": "2022-10-07 13:28:30.710401",
        "invocation": {
            "module_args": {
                "_raw_params": "virsh net-undefine default",
                "_uses_shell": false,
                "argv": null,
                "chdir": null,
                "creates": null,
                "executable": null,
                "removes": null,
                "stdin": null,
                "stdin_add_newline": true,
                "strip_empty_ends": true,
                "warn": false
        "msg": "non-zero return code",
        "rc": 1,
        "start": "2022-10-07 13:28:30.671143",
        "stderr": "error: failed to get network 'default'\nerror: Network not 
found: no network with matching name 'default'",
        "stderr_lines": [
            "error: failed to get network 'default'",
            "error: Network not found: no network with matching name 'default'"
        "stdout": "",
        "stdout_lines": []
    "ansible_task": "Update libvirt default network configuration, undefine",
    "ansible_type": "task",
    "status": "FAILED",
    "task_duration": 0

Needless to say 
firewalld and libvirtd are both up
and virsh net-list gives:

 Name          State    Autostart   Persistent
 ;vdsmdummy;   active   no          no
 default       active   no          yes

I googled around without success. 

Has anyone had similar problems?

End of past July I installed Ovirt on another cluster running Centos Stream 8 
following the procedure I just described with no problem.

If needed I can post all log files.

Thanks for the help.

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