Hi All,

OK, so after much reading of logs, Ansible files, blog posts, documentation, 
and much gnashing of teeth, glasses of bourbon, language to make a sailor 
blush, tears, blood, sweat, and various versions of "DOH!", I finally worked 
out what was wrong - what I did wrong - and so I'm putting it down here so that 
the next person who comes along with the same (or a similar) issue doesn't have 
to go through what I went through - and I'm including a couple of suggestions 
to the devs/doco writers which (I believe) would have stopped me from making my 
mistake in the first place.

When I did my install I used the command:

    hosted-engine --deploy --4 

I did this because we're running an IPv4 network and because the oVirt Engine 
needs to be on the network - and that's what I thought the 
"he_ipv4_subnet_prefix" option did, and I was trying to let the deployment 
script know this in advance instead of having to discover this itself.

Now that I've gone back over *all* the doco I realise that the 
"he_ipv4_subnet_prefix" option is *not* used for this purpose, but is instead 
used for the *temporary* ip address of the deployment engine when the default 
subnet of is not available.

Because I was specifying the network (which is already in use) 
the deployment failed because it was attempting to create that network as a 
temporary network for the initial deployment.

So yes, as I said, my fault - no question about that at all.

Some suggestions:

Although it is stated in the documentation - Installing oVirt As A Self-Hosted 
Engine Using The Command Line, section 2.3.2 
 - (I believe) it is not very clear what is happening here, so a "Note:" or 
some sort of statement explicitly stating what this is used for might be in 
order. For example, here is the note I made for our team in our internal 

    **Note:** he_ipv4_subnet_prefix=x.x.x: - This is a temporary network prefix 
if (the default) is not available - this is ***NOT*** the 
final working subnet of the oVirt Engine.

I also believe - quite strongly, in fact - that having the entire deployment 
hidden behind the "black box" that is the Ansible deployment - while making 
things easy by automating the deployment - makes troubleshooting more 
difficult. I believe that if there was a definite "Step-By-Step" list of what 
was going on behind the scenes - perhaps as an Appendix to the documentation - 
then the mistake I made would have been a lot harder to make - ie if there was 
such a list then it would have been less likely to make the assumption I made.

I'm thinking something along the lines of (and I am aware that what follows is 
not correct):

1. Collect info - this is stored in "/path/file" temporarily.
2. Install Deployment VM.
3. Deployment VM creates internal bridge - this uses by 
default but can be overridden by "he_ipv4_subnet_prefix".
4. Deployment Engine creates oVirt Engine.
etc, etc, etc

Anyway, that's my feedback / suggestions / mea culpa / whatever.  :-)


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