I'm running oVirt 4.4 and recently I changed the Data Center compatibility version from 4.3 to 4.4.

Now turns out that some Pools are unable to restart machines, returning this error:

Cannot run VM. The Custom Compatibility Version of VM ... (4.3) is not supported in Data Center compatibility version 4.4.

I cannot edit manually the custom compatibility version of VMs, as pools won't allow that.

Is there any manual way to fix it? I tried to do it via Python SDK but it doesn't seem to work...

  vm = vms_serv.list(name='X')[0]
  ver = vm.custom_compatibility_version
  ver.minor = 4
  vm.custom_compatibility_version = ver
  vmsv = sys_serv.vms_service().vm_service(id=vm.id)

It doesn't seem to do any difference, though.

Any help is really appreciated, as many our users can't use theis VMs.

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