Question: Are the hosted-engine flags 
"--ansible-extra-vars=he_offline_deployment" & 
"--ansible-extra-vars=he_pause_host" mutually exclusive?

The reason I ask is that when I run "hosted-engine --deploy --4 
--ansible-extra-vars=he_pause_host=true" the script runs into the "DNF Timeout" 
issue I mentioned in the `Local (Deployment) VM Can't Reach 
"centos-ceph-pacific" Repo`, and running "hosted-engine --deploy --4 
--ansible-extra-vars=he_offline_deployment=true" doesn't encounter that issue.

In other words, I can't do what you suggest (thank you for the suggestion, btw) 
because I either run into the "DNF Timeout" issue (and thus don't get anywhere 
near being able to log into the the engine), or I can't set 
"--ansible-extra-vars=he_pause_host" to true.

Any ideas?


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