Scratch this query.  It appears we had two identical images.  It wouldn't 
permit importing due to matching disk id's.

From: <>
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2022 10:24 PM
Subject: [ovirt-users] Recombining disks under a single VM

Up until now, we've been using iSCSI as the storage on all of our datacenters, 
and when we need to bulk move VMs, we moved iSCSI storage domains.

We've just setup our first datacenter with Fiber Channel storage, and no 
connectivity to our iSCSI storage.   For this move we have fallen back to using 
NFS storage domains, to move the necessary VMs from datacenter ONE to 
datacenter TWO.

The bulk of the transfer went fine, but for about one dozen two disk VMs both 
disks did not get moved at the same time.  So now I have one dozen VMs with 
only one drive on datacenter TWO and the other drive as an un-importable VM on 
the NFS storage partition, mounted on datacenter TWO.

Any hints on how I "merge" these two, back into one function VM?

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